3 Sheaf StreetCompleted 2015

Located in the area known as Leeds South Bank the building is part of an exciting transitional part of the city. Originally an area of heavy industry the landscape is transforming, fast becoming an educational and creative/digital hub.

Historically known as the Globe Iron Works the building has shifted and changed with the development of industry in the city. It produced joinery machinery with Joseph Green & Nephew from 1846, later becoming a printing engineers’ for Edmund Bush & Son Ltd and it was most recently a manufacturing base for John H King & Co producing belts and braces.

Recognising the growth of the creative industries in Leeds, King & Co set about developing plans to convert Sheaf Street into a shared work space for small start-up businesses. Whilst researching ideas King & Co came across the pioneers of collaborative working in Leeds, Duke Studios. A relationship and understanding developed between the two companies which resulted in Duke Studios leasing Sheaf Street in 2015 to facilitate the expansion of their business.

Sheaf Street’s played an important part in the various industries that have characterised the economy of Leeds over the last two centuries and with a new lease of life will continue to do so by aiding the development of the city’s creative sector.

King & Co is very proud to be associated with Duke Studios who are championing small business development in the city. So if you are a start-up business looking for a different working environment your first port of call should be Duke Studios at Sheaf Street.